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This is a comprehensive on site consultation to discuss your upcoming project. Be it a one off meeting for your own DIY makeover for which you want some professional advice or an initial toe in the water discussion for a larger project  using our on going services.


We offer one to one design advice to give you guidance and confidence in the decisions you make, and offer problem solving ideas you may not have thought of.

£150 for a consultation covering up to 2 rooms

Topics can range from:

  • Paint and colour finishes

  • Fabric choices and window dressing

  • Remodeling advice

  • Spacial planning

  • Furniture arrangement 

  • Flooring choices

  • Styling and design

  • Decluttering and staging

  • Furniture painting

We can also create a report after our meeting to create an plan of action for you of all we talked.

This will include listings of all the products/ suggested colours and plans we have spoken about.

£100 for a report covering up to 2 rooms

if you are taking on a larger project on your own, or if you decide to use us further, we can quote for another service.  If you decide to go ahead with the full Interior design service, we will deduct the cost of this initial consultation off the quote.

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