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Home staging is a valuable investment for homeowners who want to sell or let their property. It is an important form of marketing that is often overlooked. Selling a look and lifestyle to a buyer can add value and saleability to the property and make it more desirable in comparison to others on the market.

Home staging is a process of preparing and showcasing a home for the property market. It is marketing not decorating. Packaging 'your product' to show it at it's best and to stand out from the competition. It may seem to go against the grain to spend on a property you are planning to leave but you will find it to be a wise investment that is becoming ever more popular .

Our main focus is not only to sell your property faster but increase its market value at minimal cost.

We work on properties, large and small and to all budgets achieving the visual results we need for the minimum amount of money. 

STAGE 1 :STAGING CONSULTATION  2 Hours -   £150  ( plus travel if distance is involved )

We visit your property with a fresh set of eyes to advise on what needs to be done to create a property of distinction within the budget you have.  Most homes suffer from the usual issues of wear and tear which aren't hugely expensive to repair, but we will advise on beneficial alterations you could make to easily refresh the look. Furniture layouts and decluttering can also make a huge difference to the perceived size of a room. We will point out any upgrades we feel would help and advise on styling and changes that will make a difference.



Once we have assessed your house, we go away and produce a plan complete with costings if required.  

STAGE 3 : MANAGING AND STYLE TO COMPLETION    - Quoted per job on a time based costing  

It can be tedious to put things right yourself especially when your head is focussed on a new home. If you choose, we can do everything  in the report for you, from organising tradesmen for alterations to cleaning windows, hanging pictures, changing flooring, updating kitchen units, etc. All the things that can make the difference between getting that offer or not.


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