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Home & Garden  STYLING


Once work on your room or garden is completed you need to dress and finish it to infuse character

and personality, otherwise it can remain a bland space.

successfully styled  spaces a curation of objects, furnishing and fabrics, old and new. A combination of colour, shape and texture, layered together with confidence and flair to create a

perfect balance and a stunning result.  We are great believers in using the treasures you already have wherever possible before sourcing new, and with our in house furniture painting service we can transform and repurpose your old furniture into proud pieces that shine in their new position.

With our professional eye we can use colour texture and structure to layer all the elements together to achieve the visual balance your room needs to create a warm, inviting and harmonious look.

This is what makes a house a home. 

You may alternatively have a garden party planned and want the space styled for the occasion or just a tired outdoor space you want to improve. We can make the most of your garden suggesting clever use of what you have and ingenious cost effective additions to bring it to life.

And if you don't want to implement what we suggest yourself, we can arrange for it all to be done for you.

Priced per Project

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